Deep Dive Live – June 30, 2020 11:00 AM (GMT)

In this live interactive deep dive session by Generation CFO’s Christopher Argent and XE.com’s John Freeme, we will examine how corporates with FX risk can look to protect their business from adverse market moves, the process involved, and the steps you can take to build a robust FX policy.

Given the ever-uncertain world in which we currently live, CFOs, finance teams and treasury centres may benefit from building a strategy to deal with currency fluctuations, which over time could have a considerable impact on a company’s bottom line.

Following on from John Freeme’s Virtual Session overview, he will lay out a structured approach to foreign exchange risk management and show how it can enable your business to make strategic planning decisions, rather than attempting to respond to day-to-day developments in the market.

Attend live to hear more on:

1. Risk identification
2. Quantification of the risk elements
3. FX strategy and implementation
4. Hedging process
5. Market timing and execution
6. A template of an FX policy
7. How to monitor FX policy


John Freeme
Head of Relationship Management @Xe.com

Christopher Argent, Founder, Generation CFO


This webinar is sponsored by XE is an online foreign exchange tools and services company.