If the answer to the following three questions is, yes… Then sign up for our next “unmeet-up” on April 29.

  1. Keen to learn?

2. Like peer learning?

2. Time poor?

It is hard to invest time in yourself, your learning and to do it in the right way, so it’s a blessing when you find a group of like-minded people you can relate to and call your allies.

At last month’s Generation CFO virtual meet-up with our FiMIND forum community, we had 10 learners and improvers come together to share their burning questions and learn from experts and each other.

This event is not a free for all, it’s a carefully choreographed meet-up, that includes a data and digital icebreaker, followed by a prioritisation of your questions, which we answer in order of popularity. We had 10 questions this time from “How are you managing return to work?” to “What do you think of the MS Power App stack?” we managed to answer and discuss three, but it was such a rich conversation, it was worth focusing on just three topics.

The session is called the “unmeetup” (to reflect the unconference principles, not a play on words for not meeting up) you can really see the power of trusted networks at play… “I did this because of X”, “I wouldn’t do that”, “Try this” and “listen to that” – it all makes for a great peer learning experience and everyone finds it valuable.

So, next time you are thinking of spending an hour looking at Youtube videos that don’t amount to much, or a podcast that is not as inspiring as you hoped, why not book a seat at the Generation CFO “unmeetup” and have an engaging hour of learning and networking! 

Date for your diary… April 29 at 4:00pm. You won’t want to miss it!