When I started Generation CFO meet ups two years ago, the invitation read, “The CFO and their management team are at a digital crossroads.

Maintaining the status quo is no longer an option, yet most finance teams do not know where to start or which data journey to go on.

More clarity, greater agility and deeper enablement through new learning and new partnerships are needed, so Generation CFO has created a place for you to meet, grow and thrive in a changing world…

Our engaged community of like-minded accounting and finance leaders are shaping their futures with new purpose, new capability and new direction which is only made possible by the boom in data and the digital world.

Join our community and find your route to a bolder, better digital finance function!”

Now I must admit, these early conversations about change in finance teams and taking a “whole career” approach to digital transformation were not easy. The thought of bringing “classic finance ” and “digital finance” together was met with equal doses of excitement and apathy, praise and scepticism.

To me, that wasn’t important.

What was important was having the conversation! We were starting to discuss the mountain, where the tunnel is, where the light maybe if we all choose to go to the end of that tunnel. (Love a metaphor, sorry!)

Self-insight and having a peer group to discuss ideas openly, was as important as the hard education part. And the CFOs who supported these early conversations and wanted to broaden their understanding of the digital opportunity in accounting and finance were digital finance pioneers!

Sure, compared to the projects I had led, the pace was painfully slow, but with time and learning, the wider group could see this was much more than a “punt” project, but a solid investment in their team and their ability to create business value. To them, data was the asset, tools were enablers for business partnering, people needed new automated ways of working, leadership need a strong digital culture to make the change.

Fast forward two years…

…throw in the forced change of COVID19 and the increased demand for more business information, we see the rise of distributed work, the need for greater agility to fix the collaboration and team engagement challenges, and this means getting digital.

Well done to the pioneers, who will have switched from office to home seamlessly, who will be able to answer the business need, but to everyone else who has decided now is the time… as CFO and management team, you are not only at digital crossroads, you have reached the tipping point.

Join our next community meet up online on the 23rd June, 3pm BST