Each research report’s main aim is to track the trends within the CFO’s organisation and highlights the operational priorities and organisational shifts within accounting and finance teams and whilst Generation CFO passion is the digital finance function and the shift in technology, each report gives us an opportunity to look at emerging trends and hot topics impacting the CFO and their team.

I am proud to bring you this quarter’s research report in conjunction with MHR Analytics. The publication of this report is a personal highlight of mine and something that really stands out in the Generation CFO community calendar. The report is only possible by the collaboration of our senior finance community and our Head of Research, Mark Cracknell, and it has been running for over a year now, and what a year 2020 was.

Needless to say, we have tracked the trends from increased demand on finance, to question over agility and technology, but the latest report shows the unsustainable impact of this demand and the challenges the pandemic has brought.

What’s it all about?

In this paper, the hot focus on mental health, mental fitness in business and our return to work and the alarming impact the pandemic has had on the way we work and with one in five adults in the UK currently experiencing depressive symptoms, which has doubled on the previous year.

As work lives become increasingly blurred with home lives, we see an alignment of home and work goals, focused on agility and ability, but we need to make sure we are “OK”, as we make that shift.

So, how can I get my hands on the report?

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