#GENCFOBootcamp was described as ‘explosive’ with lots of interesting and insightful content around the solutions for a successful digital transformation. So, what were the key takeaways from the two-day event?

Hyper Automation – You do not need to break the bank – Check your processes and take them step-by-step

Expense Management – One of the top 3 impacted processes during the pandemic, but it is often overlooked as not significant

Agile CFO – Everyone has two superpowers: Awareness and Reflection! These superpowers are part of our everyday life, which we all also use at work

Data Analytics – You do not need to know code to be a data analyst

P2P has developed in the last few years to encompass the procurement area (source to contract)

S2P is now talked about more by enterprises and we need to be mindful of the cultural shift when implementing S2P

Pi shaped skills – 73% of the audience agreed that ’everyone in accounting should be learning digital and data skills, which suggest accounting institutions need to change their syllabus.

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Secrets of a Finance Data Scientist – The tools are there. Dr Suresh Sood showed us a great demo across several platforms and, ‘Data skills are for Today’ a quote from Paraag Amin, CFO, DotDigital.

Modelling Transformation – Spreadsheet’s only gets you so far, even Microsoft agree! Power BI working with Excel can extend capabilities and functionality – acting as the bridge between data and decisions

Visual Transformation – Having a standard structured approach to data visualisation (to IBCS standards) save 46% of users time AND reduces understanding error

The CFO and digital transformation – Digital transformation is a top-down and bottom-up change. CFO’s and finance teams need to adapt, which includes adding value to the businesses they support.

Data Science Transformation – We all need to be “data heads” to some level and go on our data journey. We are already working with data and tools that have the amazing capability, we just need to work on our skills and as we move up the analytics maturity, bring in the right skills, tools and talent, not necessarily DO everything!

The attendee’s response to this event has shown us the value that our finance and accounting community see in learning and discovering what they and their teams need to implement to ensure a successful digital transformation! So, make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next #GENCFOBootcamp!

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