WOW! The GENCFO community knows how to make a splash up North!

I’m delighted to say that we had our first ever North Debate in Leeds last Thursday and it went down a treat. There were some exceptional characters who are leading their finance teams through the turbulence, plus a panel of industry experts from companies such as Northcoders, the ACCA, and Proactis serving up their many years of diverse experience.

Now whilst I can’t recreate the magic and mood from this write up, however I can provide an overview of the key takeaways and topics you may have missed! Remember, we’ll be back in Leeds this October with what promises to be another exceptional evening.

Levelling Up by name, Levelling Up by nature

Amut Batra, COO of Northcoders kicked off the evening by outlining what levelling up success actually looks like? Hybrid working was a key feature here with an emphasis on the agility nature that comes with that.

But how do we make it work properly?

The 3 P’s! People, Place, Possibility

You don’t need to move out of your home in order to progress. The possibilities are much more open and this shines through in the modern age. It’s not all about commuting to one sole location to be able to progress, the possibilities are fluid.

Another point to follow on from this was that in previously in society, you had to be seen in the office, rightly or wrongly, and this brought a certain stigma surrounding home working. But now, it’s about delivery, if you’re delivering, who cares where you are!?

Maybe ‘Meta’ is on to something…

A great comment came in from the audience on this subject, for background, they were running a US based team from his home in the UK, with the occasional visit to the US. A real show of the potential at hand here.

But one employee had been removed from office and there had never been an official in person meet, but they were delivering, they kept close contact, and became friends!

This really highlights the potential for creating that work and outside of work bond, utilising the technology for maximum effect! Maybe Zuckerburg was right all along…

Oops…did someone mention the Government again?

Gemma Gathercole of the ACCA stepped in to make a great counterpoint on the locale of employees, should the government make more of an effort to ensure that if something can be done here and done well, at a reasonable cost, they should encourage companies to keep it here.

It’s a great point and one that there are multiple different arguments for and against, perfect for an evening such as this…as our audience showed off their debating skills.

Cars are dead? Cars are the future? Who knows!?

Another key topic which arose was the investment in transport and what the future holds. These things require long term planning, is that being neglected for a faster return on investment? Perhaps we’re forgetting the success of the past and this new approach could prove to be detrimental to growth.

“We don’t want cars on roads!”

Gemma made a point here that, whilst we want cars off roads, or we go electric? But what about the build up of non-recyclable batteries? Do we need a more centralised transport system? This all requires long term planning!

Cannot wait to do it all again on 20th October

Well, I could go on and on about the great and insightful points delved in by our panel and the community, but the best way to learn it all is to come and join us!

If you wish to be a part of this growing network of fantastic characters then I invite you to join us for our next North Debate on the 20th of October. They’ll be a brand new panel of experts on the case, discussing a brand new topic and will be all ears for your burning questions.

So, see you in Leeds on the 20th!