Finance on a Mission (FoaM) is a Dutch network of finance leaders and this year, for the sixth consecutive year, FoaM is conducting research into the ongoing Finance Transformation. In previous years, the research has given the Finance Community insight into the state of that transformation. 

Focus of the research for 2022 

In 2022, supported by academic partners – University of Amsterdam & University of St. Gallen, the international CFO Alliance, UiPath & the CFO Automation Experience, FoaM is expanding its research from the Netherlands into other European countries. This year FoaM is also looking in particular at the state of affairs regarding “self-servicing” and ESG. 

Research can’t be done without the community 

For the research, FoaM would like to call on the broader finance community. Do you want to help FoaM gain the latest insights and share these back with the finance community? It takes only fifteen minutes of your time to contribute to the survey, and when you register through this page, you’ll be privileged to receive access to the report once it’s published.