Our education is critical, not only in terms of CPD, but in terms of educating our teams in the new opportunities for greater productivity, great decision support, great value add… but current education seems to be focused on tools and tech alone.
Maybe this is a symptom of the large marketing budgets at big vendors pushing their latest product.  Maybe it is our own “follow the easiest path” approach to learning… “I can just download this free app, search YouTube for some training, and off I go”… but whatever the reason, there is a gap.

In recent research on digital and data project failure, only 8% of projects failed because of the technology, the majority failed because of people.  So arguably, the tech and tools learning is the easier bit… People make the difference!
People are your biggest asset, is an overused term, but there is a real risk that Digital Finance opportunities fail, because we do not put in as much effort in to People, as we put in to tech.
In fact, when you challenge CFOs to balance the playing field, “What else are you going to be doing to help people change, adopt, transform?” many get stuck, as it all seems so “soft”, so non business like, so alien.
But as a CFO, why would you spend a single penny or cent on a project, if the ROI was sabotaged from the start due to lack of people support.
Consequently, Generation CFO have been able to square the circle and develop a unique system that targets people and tech to ensure increased success, ROI and bring the Digital Finance opportunity to life.
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