Day Two of the Accounting and Finance Virtual Summit was curated by Generation CFO and included many of its members who wanted to support other members during the COVID19 lock down.

In this session, Mark Cracknell, Generation CFO talks with Jürgen Faisst, IBCS Institute and Gary Crawford, XLCubed.

Keeping a close eye on how your organisation is performing as we move through this crisis and beyond is vitally important, enabling executives to make the right decisions at the right time.

Whilst data is the foundation, the way that information is displayed to the consumer can significantly help or hinder them in spotting the critical issues and initiating actions. Consistent notation plays a decisive role in this and can boost the effectiveness of business communication in the crisis.

We will discuss how the finance team can play a key role in making reports and dashboards easier to understand. We will also show how the consistent IBCS notation can be quickly and easily adopted within Excel.

The Accounting & Finance Virtual Summit was a 2-day summit with leading education and content for accountants and financial professionals in both practice and industry. It was put together by Practice Ignition, ACCA, Accountex and us, Generation CFO.

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