Don’t spend time chasing impossible goals – celebrate your wins

  • Are you waiting until you reach a particular goal?
  • Are you seeking validation from others to tell that you are doing well in your career and have achieved a lot?
  • Or do you have to be truly happy in what you are doing and knowing that you are giving it your best?

Success is not necessarily about achieving goals. It’s not about feeling successful when you’ve got that new job when you’ve got that promotion. If you only regard yourself as successful when you achieve that milestone, you will spend most of your time feeling unsuccessful.

Success is also determined by how we feel about ourselves. It is not about other people telling you are that successful. People may give you compliments and tell you how well you are doing, but if you don’t feel it or believe it, it won’t feel like a success.

When I was working as a Finance Director in the corporate world, I achieved quite a bit of ‘success’, progressing to a relatively senior level. I gained promotions, got good feedback and generally helped deliver good business performance. That said, I often didn’t feel successful or fulfilled. I was continually looking and striving for the next achievement, and then I would feel ‘successful’ – or so I thought.

I now realise that success is about enjoying and embracing the journey. It is about overcoming the obstacles and challenges that come our way. It is about moving past ‘failures’ and seeking out the learnings to help us grow and move us towards what we want. It is about celebrating and appreciating the small wins, the progress you make. It is about genuinely feeling successful and fulfilled regularly.

So what can you do to feel that you are successful every day?

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By becoming more grateful for what we have as opposed to focusing on what we haven’t got, we will invariably feel happier and more fulfilled. Try making a point of thinking three things each day to be genuinely grateful for. This can include even the small things, such as having fresh drinking water or warm clothes. By starting to get into a habit of expressing gratitude, you will begin to feel happier, more grateful and more successful.

Celebrate your success

We very often brush off our small wins as nothing. When we do a good job, we sometimes take it for granted. We often dismiss compliments from others. We can set ourselves such high expectations that we very seldom feel the inner feeling of success. By celebrating the small wins, you will increase your motivation, boost your self-confidence and will help build momentum for more success in the future.

Embrace the journey

Life is full of uncertainty. Things don’t always turn out the way we hope or plan. However, by really embracing and feeling comfortable with uncertainty, looking for the learnings when things don’t go as planned, we are more likely to think we are progressing and feel successful, irrespective of the actual outcome.

Success very much comes from the way we feel about ourselves. However, by starting to become more grateful, celebrating what you have achieved and embracing whatever comes your way, you will feel happier and more successful every day. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Authored by Tony Shafar.

Tony is an Executive Business Coach at Shafar Coaching.