Join Andrew Codd CGMA MBA, Founder of #SITN and a good friend of Generation CFO for Proactis ReThink ’21.

Doing More With Less: The Power of People-led Transformation in a Digital Age
11:30am – 12.00pm (GMT) on Tuesday 9th November

Finance teams are constantly being asked to do more with less and the willingness to invest in digital transformation has never been greater. But, despite the effectiveness of any digital evolution being so dependent on team members’ support and buy-in, all too often the focus on technology and processes results in a business’ greatest asset – its people – being neglected.

With 70% of Finance transformation initiatives failing to the capture the forecasted benefits for the business (Gartner, 2019), finance leaders must consider how to make the promise of digital, and the desired outcome of a more agile, productive, and engaged team, that does more with less, a reality.

In his session, Andrew will explore:

  • The importance of finance leaders defining and demystifying value creation in a digital world to identify the activities which produce business value.
  • A proven structure to ensure Finance does what it needs to do.
  • How to make meaningful investments to help our people transform and keep up with the pace of digital change, so we don’t get left behind.