The concept behind digital transformation is how to use technology to remake a process so that it becomes more efficient or effective. It’s not just about changing an existing service into a digital version but improving it.

There is a saying ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ – this saying works with regards to digital transformation too, because regardless of industry, competition in the market spurs innovative thinking, and a company’s closest competitor may find a new solution and catch a company off guard!

There’s also nothing like a healthy dose of this to force you to stay keenly aware of the market and motivate you to implement tools to keep the team competitive.

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Digital transformation is essential for every business! Using modern digital transformative techniques allow you to get closer to your customers, allow you to see how your products are really performing, and whether they’re meeting those customer expectations. In our world, if you’re not on a digital transformative strategy, your competitors are, and you’re going to get left behind.

Digital transformation breaks down silos to deploy best-practice analytics across multiple sites and suppliers in weeks versus months or often years. With a focus on improving working capital efficiency and on-time delivery performance, manufacturers, for example, can use digital transformation to work faster, cheaper and achieve better results.

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