In this Deep Dive Live webinar, Mark Cracknell, Head of Research at Generation CFO, and Mark White, MHR, discuss the complexities of financial workforce planning and the potential benefits of moving to a planning technology.

What topics did they cover?

  • Why financial workforce planning and analysis is so important
  • How technology can play a significant role in delivering an efficient process
  • How this helps you deliver connected planning and xP&A

In particular, discussions centralised around the relationship between the finance and HR departments and how they use data.

The importance of HR and Finance

The critical relationship between the human resources department and the finance department was explored, including the differences in their respective views on people, data and time periods. They also outlined the incredible importance of collaboration, especially in analytical skills and data.

Mark White commented on the recent development of the HR department, including their tighter integration with the finance department.

Mark Cracknell felt there used to be barriers between finance and HR which were difficult to break down, and questioned whether they are still there.


Both speakers criticised the role of Excel databases, discussing the lack of security and GDPR regulations. 

They remarked on the data that would need to be collected for salary estimations, as well as the sensitivity of this and the importance of privacy that Excel does not fully offer. 

The audience also answered polls in regards to salary and workforce planning periods.

Want to learn more? You can access this insightful webinar below.