In this Deep Dive Live webinar, the discussion focused on the need for automation, in particular of manual tasks like spend management, in order to retain staff.

The speakers were Chris Argent (MD, Generation CFO), Marlow Upton (CFO, Modern Milkman), David Strickland (Director, Parade) and Steve Whiting (Head of Payments Technology, Soldo).

What topics did they cover?

  • Why automation is key to the finance team of the future
  • Which areas are quick and easy to start automating today
  • How to change your team’s focus from merely reporting on past performance to using data

The Great Resignation

High levels of resignation across the UK are symptomatic of a shift never seen before since records began back in 1993.

Chris discussed why this is happening, including lack of support, and lack of flexibility. The group discussed what it meant to them as finance professionals, including how to manage it, how it affects small businesses and how adapting to the pandemic affected their organisation’s relationship with The Great Resignation.

The speakers also suggested the possibility that The Great Resignation could be a positive thing for individuals, and even for companies.


The webinar spoke about moving people up a ‘value chain’ in accounting and finance through automating manual tasks. 

Chris offered the idea that automation environments can be motivating, and ran a poll for the audience on how much they agreed with a statement on transactional processing and business partnering.

Dave commented that:

“Change skills is the one big opportunity for organisations”

He elaborated on why, followed by Marlow discussing the change in what skills he is looking for within his company hiring process.

More insights and discussion after a second poll, and then the speakers finalised the webinar with some key takeaways.

Want to learn more? You can access this insightful webinar below.