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Data Visualisation Standards Course

The Data Visualisation course by The IBCS Institute will show you how using clear and consistent design principles ensures your reports, dashboards and presentations are easily read and understood, reducing wrong decisions by 61% and speeding up comprehension by 46%.

Your Expert Tutor  |  Jürgen Faisst

Jurgen Faisst is CEO of the IBCS Institute and his mission is to enhance your reports and dashboards by applying consistent design standards.

Did you know?

As well as being a well-versed notation expert, appreciated instructor and experienced manager. Jurgen is a passionate musician writing arrangements, and is also a frequent key-note speaker at international conferences with topics such as “What business management can learn from musicians”.

Will the Data Visualisation Standards Course suit you?

If you are looking to learn data visualisation standards, knowledge and skills that can make a real difference to your job, and learning online whenever suits you, this course is for you.  The course is structured self-paced learning videos and hands-on learning.

Each cohort will also be invited to a private forum so you can ask questions, share experiences and learn from your peers. We guarantee this course will change the value you can bring to your job and career.

Why start your Data Visualisation Standards Course training?

As an expert in your field, you have processed important and accurate data. Yet it takes much more to present this data successfully to management or customers.  Focus here must be on your message because recipients will only be able to understand you if you really say what must be said. And management reports require clear notation, as is the case with maps or sheets of music.

Course Structure

The Solid, outlined, hatched course consists of 5 sections split into around 30 bite-sized lessons.

  • Every lesson lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. Most of them are interactive videos, enriched with polls, quizzes and exercises.
  • You also get a workbook to perform the exercises. After finishing each section, you can monitor your learning progress with the help of a test.
  • A framework of design principles that ensure reports, dashboards and presentations are built using best-practice
  • Examples to help you practice the application of the design principles
  • Prepared templates to jump-start implementation in your company
  • An improvement in reporting, dashboard and presentation quality

Course Dates

You can join at any time, and you will be added to our online training forum for further peer learning.

How it Works?

Our superior model of layered, multi-media learning and private cohort forum means that your motivation stays high all the way through your course.  Online, at home, at work, our paced-learning over 12 months will ensure you are motivated to complete these courses.

Enrollment Fees

Should you wish to apply to enrol on the course, our fees are simple and easy to understand.  Each 12-month cohort has an enrollment fee of $420 and with the BURSARY applied can be as little as £197 + vat on average.

BURSARY is available to self-funders or small businesses.  Generation CFO are very aware that for some people, funding frustration can be a problem.  Lack of funds prevents potentially great analysts from developing the skills required to improve and open up new possibilities through the acquisition of data skills.  Our funding opportunity is to help you unlock your potential.

I’m interested, what do I do next?

It’s good to talk and by calling us, you can speak directly to one of our team who will have all the answers to the questions you may have.  Get an overview or drill down into the detail.