This Deep Dive Live session was with Generation CFO and Soldo.

Yet another outstanding Deep Dive Live! In this CFO Debate, we were joined with Paarag Amin, CFO at dotDigital, and what an interesting person to speak to about the “digital space”, this is a man who is really testing the digital space within the finance team! dotDigital is a very data-savvy marketing company, and Paarag has gone to great lengths to ensure the finance team works in the same way.

Paarag isn’t from a traditional finance background, and so views digital and automation as a core part of what he is implementing and furthermore, it gives him a very unique perspective on what a finance team should put in place to thrive!

The Summary


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Key topics covered:

  • How growth businesses look at value vs operational costs
  • Spending and examining the use of online/ cloud + smart card expense solutions
  • The upward trends for digital solutions serving the finance function

Session highlights:

Paarag discusses his digital journey and how he brought developers into his team to better understand the data and what that looked like! Another hot topic was expense management and he gave an example of where he used AP and AR to look at and drive vendor and technology investment to go on an automation journey.

This 1-hour webinar was an engaging and insightful session into all things ‘digital’ with lots of questions from the community, who want to learn more from the people that are making the transformation!

What to learn more about Paarag Amin’s digital journey? No problem. Paarag is part of ‘The Shift’ this week – so make sure you come back and check it out!

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