In the first CFO Debate of 2022, the panel discussed the latest report from CCH Tagetik. This research outlined ways to prepare and adapt to the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic, how to become more agile in your reporting and how to better utilise the tools you have at your disposal.

The speakers for this debate were Chris Houghton (Group Finance Director, GBA Services), Malcolm Finn (Director of Finance Operations and Control, Johnson Matthey), Alan Bagnall (Associate Director, CCH Tagetik), Matt Reynolds (MD, Vitreous Worlds) and Chris Argent (MD, Generation CFO).

They covered the following topics in detail:

  • How CFOs can look past traditional finance transformation, lean into business demand and go much further
  • How you and your team can become more agile in the world of accounting and finance
  • What tools can benefit you and your business

The webinar focused on four main pillars, which provoked insightful comments from the speakers.

Agility & Resilience

The panel discussed how the effects of the pandemic have demonstrated that you can deliver real, meaningful change to the ways of digital reporting. 

A fascinating discussion began on how new companies are rising up with sustainability and ESG built into their DNA. This conversation proved how key change & agility in this sector is for the industry moving forward. 

Chris Argent complimented this by saying, “we defined agility within the report as being able to respond quicker than our competitors, and therefore being able to respond to the market”

Culture & Technology

Malcolm Finn said during this section of the webinar that:

 “[Culture has] for too long been relegated to the soft & fluffy stuff.”

However, he followed this by noting that it does have a massive influence on behaviours and outcomes. This led the rest of the panel to explore this key pillar deeply.

Chris Houghton echoed Malcolm’s thought by adding that “as tech supports a lot more automation, making sure that our people are appropriately re-skilled and able to contribute to this new world is absolutely essential”.

This comment provoked the idea that culture and technology may go hand in hand, but we will all need to take time and care to achieve further synthesis.

The webinar then reached its end with the panel offering some key takeaways. Alan Bagnall finished with this thought:

“Don’t deploy tech for the sake of it, start with people when thinking of the future”

If this recap has tantalised you, then access the recording using the button below.

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