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S1 E7 – What Prescott said, Data Visualisation micro learning #CFOchat

We talk about Prescott’s pod and unpack his insightful comment on presenting data, and pull on a few expert comments on data visualisation and why its critical to finance teams. Sponsored by Vena Solutions

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What is collaborative innovation? Why should you care?

Taken from Leading Change, Long Read – AAT Magazine, Nov/Dec 2018

For the past year, Christopher Argent, business intelligence (BI) and analytics programme lead at Vodafone, has been ensconced in the mobile phones company’s group finance BI and analytics projects, which meant implementing significant change across the finance teams globally.

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Is your Storytelling ability on the Risk register?

I don’t like pie charts. 

Why? Because if you are anything like me, they are hard to understand when they are used poorly, and 99% of the time they are used poorly.

But why should you care?

Because if you have gone to the trouble of providing some mind-blowing insight to your board, then presented it in a poor way, it is unlikely to be read or understood and even if you try to make amends and artfully talk to those baffling visuals, your audience is likely to spend most of their time staring at third-eye visuals (doodling on them) and not hear your important stories and your critical calls to action.

So please learn visualisation best practice today, it will be a game changer, and take yourself off the business risk register.