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GenerationCFO Research Report: The impact of Covid-19 on the CFO and the Finance team

As the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded, it provided a unique opportunity to explore and discover how CFO’s and their finance teams reacted within a rapidly changing environment. Generation CFO undertook a survey to understand the ways in which the finance world was responding, in real time, to the challenges of adapting to a radically different work setting and team dynamic, alongside addressing the continued (and evolving) needs of their clients / customers.

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Is now the time to cancel your Digital Programmes? Part 2

Programme assessments can help CFO’s rapidly shape the tactical “new normal” and make informed decisions about their programme’s future.

As we head further into the new normal, many CFOs’ and will be left facing a financial shortfall, scarce resources and conflicting priorities, which require them to make difficult decisions about whether to proceed with their planned digital transformation programmes. Organisations with a mature digital operating model pre-COVID may have been able to adapt and survive more easily than those with without, either way CFO’s will be under pressure to invest in tactical digital programmes which help sustain the survival and move an organisation to the new normal. Time and cost already invested, business and investor expectations and commitments made, can make it challenging to reach the right conclusion in a short space of time.

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Accelerating digital agility in finance teams – Part One

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the AAT’s Future Finance conference, where I discussed “Emerging Stronger: The new Finance Function” with Jannine Edgar, Director of Finance and Operations and I delivered my keynote talk on “Accelerating digital and automation in finance teams”.

As a follow up to this insightful debate, I wanted to highlight the key takeaways from this debate and zero in on what to do first, so you can act fast and not be bamboozled by the hype and new terminology.

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