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Automation redundancy is fake news – here’s why – Part One

By Chris Argent, Founder, Generation CFO

I think the marketeers have got us accounting and finance people wrong…

The current messaging around technology adoption seems to be driven by three fairly negative statements;

  1. accountants and finance are missing out on all new technology benefits
  2. they are all doing something wrong or badly
  3. what we are doing is going to be automated; redundancy is imminent!

Whilst parts of these messages are possibly true, life isn’t so black and white, life isn’t changing at break neck speed and there is always another way of seeing the problem (and solution) especially if you know the profession as I do (and not just the marketing keywords).

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Next London #CFOdebate – 23rd May 2019

Decoding the finance automation hype… I need a plan, not a pitch!

This premium event featuring a lively debate with four leading CFOs, chaired by Christopher Argent, founder of Generation CFO who’s transformation projects include John Lewis, Amazon and Vodafone. The panel will reveal simple changes we need to make and where our focus needs to be, to move fast and to remain relevant.

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Our expert opener will be Nick Read, CFO and Business Transformation Director who will lay bare the finance transformation and automation journey, the practicalities and hard truths. Continue reading “Next London #CFOdebate – 23rd May 2019”

S1 E11 – What Mark said, Finance Business Partnering micro learning #CFOchat

“You are not just the finance guy”, Mark Neil – VP Finance at A+E Networks UK and this week we break down the area of finance business partnering and a few cool resources for you to use.

Sponsored by Qvalia

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