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Back to basics…

In the latest in our series of articles that go back to fundamental principles, Lutamyo Mtawali FCCA offers tips for becoming a cognitive enterprise.

Advances in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and robotic process automation (RPA) are having a powerful impact on the way finance teams function and on the structure of the business as a whole.

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Creativity, Empowerment and Not Being Perfect

Principles for leadership, and building a career beyond “accountant”.

He may describe himself as introverted, but successful CFO and General Manager Jonathan Peters has enjoyed a career – and indeed, a life – that is anything but. Originally from New Zealand, Jonathan is a true citizen of the world, having worked in the UK, Japan, America, New Zealand and, of course, Australia. He is currently the GM for fast growth business, The Real Pet Food Co, which was recently named as one of the most innovative companies in Australia – the only FMCG company on the list.

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How these companies found lost profits through more intelligent planning and execution

There is no reason why businesses can’t use their financial data in a more grounded, valuable way. The technology is there to make better financial reporting, planning and execution possible. Corporations have the potential to find millions in hidden profits by using their data to identify areas in which they can be more efficient and then taking prescriptive action.

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