tomasz wajda archdesk cfo

Tomasz Wajda, CFO at Archdesk 

When faced with adversity, Tomasz Wajda, CFO at startup Archdesk, doesn’t like to think of it as a ‘challenge’, but more a problem to be solved.  “With a fin...
Marie charpentier infosum

Marie Charpentier, VP of Finance, InfoSum

A good finance team doesn’t just focus on payroll, tax and fiscal reporting, but it also helps guide the company in making strategic business decisions while br...
group of finance professionals intergrated planning

Let’s Perfect Your Integrated Planning

To successfully move from outdated spreadsheet workflows to using integrated financial planning, there are important things you need to consider. In this thr...
Community Confessions

The Juicy Truth About Working In Finance

We don't always admit the things we like about our jobs - or the things we don’t. This made me wonder... what do people who work in finance really think about i...
Guide to becoming CFO

Your Quick Guide To Becoming CFO

It may sometimes seem like an impossible task to reach the heights of the accounting and finance industry. It’s certainly not easy, but there are ways to make t...