Last Wednesday was a very special day here at GENCFO: it was the first day of our virtual #GENCFOlive Summit! And it started with a bang – otherwise known as the UK’s number one motivational speaker Brad Burton.

So, what did Brad talk about? That’s a big question. He covered many topics, using anecdotes from his inspirational journey to metaphors that really got the audience thinking. 

Benefit from what challenges you… like the pandemic

Brad began by asking the chat (who were excited already, with someone saying “whoop whoop – so looking forward to this!”) how long they thought Covid would last.

It seemed out of the blue, but knowing Brad, he definitely had a poignant point coming up. 

The audience responded, some said 30 days, others all the way up to 2 years.  Brad revealed that it was 815 days, where “we all became islands”, withdrawing into coping mechanisms.

He went on to ask everyone to think differently about challenges like the one we all just experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“What can it do for you? How can you benefit from challenges?”

In his case, it helped his organisation embrace the internet and digitalisation. Brad encouraged everyone to focus on their own race, focus on their own time and on the things that will “effectively move you forward”.

Inspiring the crowd

Brad shocked the audience with some statistics:

94% businesses fail in the first ten years

He told the audience to be the 6%. He followed it with some important messages: “whatever’s gone before has gone before, be the best you – why wait?”

Brad went into various tips for the audience on how to advance themselves, like thinking about the future rather than the past, discussing his own personal story and about questioning yourself in order to move forward.

“Does it move the needle? That’s what you want to ask your board and your team.”

These tips were well received by the audience – one member said they “love 24, 24, 24 concept…”, and another said, “So refreshing!”

The chat was really lively throughout the session, which was such a great start to the day. From other GENCFO live speakers to members of the community, everyone was inspired by Brad.

Spiders and stories

He also questioned us all on what the spider in our life is. Sound confusing? Maybe, but if you watch the session it will all become clear. 

The chat stayed engaged, sharing their stories:

brad burton gencfo live comments

Becky Glover, another GENCFO live speaker, was enjoying the session, saying “Love Brad! Love how honest he is.”

He finished by emphasising the importance of saying yes… “yes to that holiday, yes to lighting the candle.”

In another quote that you’ll have to watch the session to understand, Brad said:

“Buy the Lurpak!”

For me, this was the biggest takeaway of all. The session ended with an overwhelmingly positive response from the chat…

GENCFO live summit comment section

Where can you watch it?

If you want Brad to inspire you to say YES and to develop yourself and your career, watch the first GENCFO live 2022 session now!

Just buy a replay ticket and you will have access to every session from the two day virtual summit.