Automation of decision making through the implementation of RPA, task automation robots, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence is becoming the defacto direction for accountants, controllers and CFOs, but what does working with a Bot squad mean for you and your team?
We learn from Aico’s CTO Marko Maunula, who explains nine trending cornerstones of this brave new robot/human world.
And Marko, I love the Little Britain quote!  A rare treat for me.

Trends in 2019 (What your Bot Squad are up to…)

  1. Human in the loop (Bots will not take control, by design)
  2. Workforce and process orchestration (Humans treated like Bots)
  3. Library of pre-built automation and robot stores (Bot squads prove value)
  4. Process mining and automation recommenders (Bots get data smart)
  5. Computer vision (Bots get smart using real-time machine learning)
  6. SLA-based automation (Bots get deadlines and become accountable)
  7. Auto-scaling of robots (Fat Bots are made leaner, lighter)
  8. Intelligent workload balancing (Bots will call in the Bot squad as required)
  9. Self-healing systems (Bots become nursemaids with Human Doctors)

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Source: Aico