Robotic process automation and the development of intelligent automation (overlaying machine learning and artificial intelligence) projects are becoming commonplace in companies big and small.

Source: McKinsey&Company

There are other factors to consider besides whether automation is technically possible (cost, benefit, ROI, technical resource availability, social impact…), but in general terms, if your role is more on the left than right, you are sitting pretty for now, but only for now, as there is a new hybrid role forming around you (see below).
If your role is more on the left, you have three options;

  1. Major on the data side and become part of digital transformation as a data scientist, developer or IT professional.
  2. Transform your role from the right to the left by understanding the art of the “Digital” possible and becoming a hybrid of Digital change leader and strategic business partner.
  3. Do nothing.  Don’t believe the hype, assume other factors will stop automation from happening.

In my view, there is only one option, 2.  And that applies to finance professionals at all levels, as the hybrid role will soon be more valuable than the “sitting pretty” role, unless you are at the very top of the “expert/management” tree.
So what are humans going to be doing in the future?  What are we really good at that robots can’t do?
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