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Christopher Argent

Nurture your digital quotient!

Your ability to constantly evolve your technology skills – your digital quotient (DQ) – is a pivotal competency that will keep your career, indeed your profess...

Bradley Channer, CFO, Roto VR

How to tap into acting skills in a CFO role – and the biggest mistakes that business founders make. Thirteen years ago, Bradley Channer, CFO at interactive ...

Take-off on your digital journey!

I was a divisional FD/Financial Controller at a company when I found out that the CFO had been frauding the company over a four-year period.   It was a...

Christopher Argent

Chris is the founder and MD of GenerationCFO.com and creator of the Digital Finance Function Model and a contributor to many articles on our platform. Chris focuses on the shift toward digital transformation in accounting and finance, shows you what good looks like, then helps to get you there!