So here’s the rub, you get a degree or access exam pass, you get your accountancy exams, you get your experience signed off, you get your membership…
Then you pay a healthy fee for the privilege for the rest of your career, and nod your head at CPD requirements “to keep your membership” … but why?
Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticising the accounting bodies, but what we need to learn and how we learn it has changed and this all feels a bit out of date.
I understand the need for professional standards, ethics, and a way of recognising an expert in their field, but doesn’t the exam PASS, continuous REG learning, a demanding EMPLOYER and the huge task of new learning to stay relevant in a DIGITAL world, seal a “chartered”, “certified” professional status for you, for life?
To fee, or not to fee?
As we move towards a highly automated business environments, we need to learn different skill sets with a commitment to lifelong learning, but does that mean paying ongoing fee’s for a professional status, when professional networks, executive meet up’s and education providers are in abundance?
Does this mean you will continue to give your money to accountancy bodies in the future? 
Networking is common place…
Incidentally, our Generation CFO LI group currently has 67, 651 members with no membership, no marketing, only organic growth by one person, me!
CIMA’s LI group has 57,145, over 10k less than ours, with a team and budget behind them…
ACCA’s has only 35,720, one half of ours
ICAEW’s has only 23,533, one third of ours
CGMA’s has only 15, 240, one quarter of ours…
You get the message… Good networks WORK, without large fees!
So let’s keep supporting each other, thinking openly about our future, our careers and our learning and focus on what is really relevant to us as finance professionals in a digital world, and I hope Generation CFO will continue to be a platform for you to engage with for your career success.
Chris Argent
Founder of Generation CFO