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Future Ready |  Accelerated Finance Leadership Programme

Most mid to senior-level accounting and finance professionals often get to a specific leadership level.  Still, they can never progress further due to labels like ‘not enough gravitas’, ‘cross-company relationships that are not strong enough, ‘poor communications styles or a lack of leadership mastery.

This course will help you focus on strengths, let you stand out from the crowd, make a real impact and eliminate career progression blockers.  The tools and techniques in this leadership course will change your approach, change your role and accelerate your career.

Your Expert Tutor  |  Talita Ferreria

For more than 25 years, Talita Ferreira has led and inspired either Finance, back office, or “people”/HR teams, helping to transform team culture, drive and inspire change, and develop new leadership paradigms for global brands in multiple industries. She specialises in helping leaders reinvent or adapt their leadership style and team approach to be more impactful, transformational leaders and change the business world one analytical professional at a time.

Did you know?

Talita is the former CFO and CHRO of BMW UK Ltd. and BMW Financial Services Ltd. and has led and implemented award-winning cultural transformation programmes in multiple industries. Talita published her first book, “The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®”, in 2016. She is currently writing her second book, “Seven shifts to the transformation of Great Leadership”, based on the research from the interview series Global leadership Hypothesis – what makes a great leader.

Will the Accelerated Finance Leadership Programme suit you?

Most finance professionals focus on targets, objectives, deadlines and Continued Professional Development related to their specialism. The future requires a new type of ‘future ready’ leader able to inspire individuals to adopt change, engage teams for consistently high performance and be emotionally intelligent to increase impact through influence, psychological safety and trust.

As leaders, we need time and space to reflect, connect and focus on the game-changing aspects of leadership. A focus on business-critical leadership skills will unlock hidden potential in yourself and the people you are leading and interacting with daily.

Talita Ferreria will demonstrate how great leadership is attainable through intention, planned actions and focus in the seven areas of transformation and five leadership archetypes. This is consistent with her own leadership development story and her experience working with hundreds of leaders and directors through their journeys to transform their leadership and team approaches.

Course Structure

Via our online portal, you will receive an abundance of training materials covering 5 modules of Leadership learning.  The course covers how to navigate through a changing world from 5 different leadership perspectives and enable you to lead yourself and your team to a bigger brighter future.


Live Training Module 1

First, you will learn about the “Agile Purpose Driven Leader” will unlock the mindset and behaviours that differentiate great leaders, and transform the traditional soft skills to a career advantage.

Live Training Module 2

Next, you will meet the “Influential, Connected, Impactful Leader” so you can develop and engage teams for consistently high performance and inspire others, gain followership, influence and buy-in, despite formal reporting lines.

Live Training Module 3

In the third module, you will meet the “Transformational, Strategic Leader” to master a toolkit for change, decision making and strategic direction irrespective of the project. Learn how to secure buy-in, accelerate transformation and progress your objectives.

Live Training Module 4

Next, you will meet the “Responsible Leader” accelerating innovation and wider impact, where you will unlock future value for organisations by anticipating and understand the key drivers of impact and innovation.

Live Training Module 5

And finally, you will meet the “Reflective Leader” where you will learn how to increase your impact through reflection and a personal impact plan, and ensure you hold yourself to account through peer reflection and personal accountability.


You will also receive this bonus support and materials covering…

  • 9 Live virtual sessions over 3 days
  • Days are structured so you can still be available during the day (if you wish to be)
  • A 2 hour guided session to create a personal impact plan
  • Accountability through peer-to-peer interaction
  • Research-based methodology through Global Leadership
  • Hypothesis interview series
  • Preparatory reading, toolkits, worksheets and activities to practice and develop new skills
  • Peer group activities to share and discuss leadership and team challenges within the organisational context
  • Free access to two additional courses hosted on Finance Inspired 4 Success
  • 18 Hours Accredited CPD – UK CPD Standards Office

Course Dates

This course will take place on 9th, 10th and 18th March 2022.

Book now to guarantee your place, as space is limited to 20 people per cohort.

How it Works?

Our superior model of live virtual learning and private cohort forum means that your motivation stays high all the way through your course.  Online, at home, at work, our paced-learning over 3 packed days will ensure you are motivated to complete these courses.

Enrollment Fees

Should you wish to apply to enrol on the course, our fees are simple and easy to understand.  Each 3-day course has an enrollment fee of £849+ vat and with the BURSARY applied can be as little as £497 + vat on average.

BURSARY is available to self-funders or small businesses.  Generation CFO are very aware that for some people, funding frustration can be a problem.  Lack of funds prevents potentially great analysts from developing the skills required to improve and open up new possibilities through the acquisition of data skills.  Our funding opportunity is to help you unlock your potential.

I’m interested, what do I do next?

It’s good to talk and by calling us, you can speak directly to one of our team who will have all the answers to the questions you may have.  Get an overview or drill down into the detail. Please book a call by clicking below or via contact us.

Praise for Talita and the Accelerated Finance Leadership Programme

“Talita was an excellent tutor with really good personal case studies to share” Director, Leadership

“Talita brought many examples and personal situations to enhance learning points throughout the
course. Talita is excellent, very skilled.” Director, Leadership training

“Talita is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic facilitator who can make complex issues accessible to
all.” Director, Values workshop

“Talita’s credibility as CEO, CFO, change leader and strategist makes this all the more powerful.”
Director, 6 Box leadership workshop

“Talita made me feel very comfortable and relaxed when I was dreading the workshop. The coaching she gave me when I got emotional was invaluable.” Participant, Values workshop

“Talita is a high energy, clear speaking and very engaging trainer” Director, Leadership training

“Talita is an excellent course leader on Leadership for Directors. Talita is in a league of her own.”
Director, Leadership training