The GENCFO Story

DFF Awards Winners

GENCFO has over 100,000 members and is the world’s largest community of its kind for accounting and finance professionals.

Our members come to us for ground-breaking content, live and online events and experiences built on the same accessibility, collaboration and rule-breaking informality that has always defined us.

Like our ambitious members, we believe in the power of our profession to transform our industry for the better.

Founder Story

Our community was founded in 2009 by Chris Argent in the early days of digital finance transformation.

Chris had experienced transformation programmes with leading corporations including Amazon, Vodafone and John Lewis. So, he established a LinkedIn group called Generation CFO to share his expertise.

He was driven by a belief that conventional finance spaces weren’t fit for purpose in the digital world. That’s why he created an environment where professionals could access continuous and collaborative learning and acquire real-life skills. When people saw what the future of finance could be, membership exploded.

Fast forward to now, and GENCFO is a huge, engaged community who get the best insights, events and experiences in accounting and finance.

Chris Argent at GENCFO DFF Awards 2022



    • LinkedIn group hits 40,000 members


    • Chris develops the Digital Finance Function Model
    • Generation CFO website launched


    • First industry leader interviewed for The Shift
    • First GENCFO South, a live London meetup for our community


    • GENCFO community hits 100,000 members
    • First GENCFO Summit, our virtual thought-leadership event
    • First Digital Finance Function Awards
    • First GENCFO Academy, our virtual learning festival
    • Landmark research report published with ACCA and CA ANZ
    • GENCFO community platform launched


    • Generation CFO becomes GENCFO
    • CFO Tech 100 is launched, a platform to help you find your next technology solution
    • GENCFO Summit and GENCFO Academy are officially CPD Accredited
    • Digital Finance Function Awards are live in London for the first time
    • GENCFO North, a meetup for our community, is launched in Leeds
    • GENCFO community website grows and gets a new look
    • Over 100 interviews on The Shift


    • Digital Finance Function Awards will be returning to London
    • GENCFO Summit and GENCFO Academy will be back, bigger and better
    • So much more is to come… join our community to be there when it happens

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