Disruption is everywhere including finance and accounting, and the noble aim of this step change is to release people value and human intelligence by designing and building new technology.
But change is hard, knowledge is patchy, tech is confusing, and the real opportunities for finance are getting lost in the hype.
But why a podcast?

Have you ever felt like there is a secret language of finance technology, that you can’t speak, or that the opportunity to evolve your day job with technology is out of reach or only understood by people wanting to sell you software and services, working as strategists and consultants.
Generation CFO podcast is about breaking down these barriers, putting people at the heart of this journey, and filling in the education gaps. Ultimately, enabling you to work independently on finance innovation.
So what is different about change today, as we have always managed change?
Well, the pace of change, the new skills needed to exploit this change, and the fundamental impact this change will have on our roles.  This role revolution will not be televised, and with the latest research showing accountants and auditors are at 94% risk of being replaced by robots, I think it’s time for action.
Generation CFO podcast is about learning together, supporting each other, and providing a platform for people like you and me.
And if you think you are a lone warrior on this journey, think again, as the latest research on CFO priorities shows pretty much all demands are focused on technology projects, like data analytics and data visualisation, process automation and improving data quality… what’s more, the same CFOs, for the very first time are prioritising new tools and new technology training, over financial management and soft skills training.
Ergo, finance innovation, transforming finance and exploiting data is no longer an option, it’s critical to your future.
Analytics? Robots? Automation risk? Whatever your view… I firmly believe that you need to be part of the role revolution to be sufficiently informed to make a choice, to ultimately decide what the next step in your development as a finance professional is.
So get something out of your system!
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