Bug free! 12 Leaders at the VFWS 2020 – Online Now

VFWS 2020 is an online event that can keep you leading and learning wherever you are! 

12 insightful sessions via webinar, from 12 leaders in their field. 

Chris Argent is laying out his 10 Steps of Digital Finance Function Strategy.

And there is an extensive line up to help you grow! And did I mention it is free!

Caroline Veitch – The ‘Adaptive’ Finance Function – Trends, Challenges & Playing Catch-Up

Andrew Codd – Value Creation & Transactional Efficiency

Lance Rubin – Finance Tech Stack for an Adaptive Function

Christopher Argent – Digital Finance Function: 10 Steps from Concept to Reality

James Perry – The Young Accountant’s Career Tool Kit

Michael Flanderka – Robotics: A Case of Adoption at Scale

Wayne Andrews – Finance Team of the Year: A Holistic Transformation

Angela Elliott – Intentional Leadership in Creating an Adaptive Finance Team Brad Eisenhuth – Building A Culture of Partnership

Jennifer Kozanic – Finance Capability Framework

Rob Arthur – The Role of Finance in Developing Strategy

Lorne Rubis – Intentional Culture Transformation – Finance’s New Imperative

Click here to register for free: https://www.theoutperformer.co/chris-argent-virtual-finance-world-summit-2020/

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