Research | Finance Smart Automation Efficiency Opportunity

This Hackett Group Research highlights the Digital Transformation opportunity in Finance Organisations, and “can enable savings of more than 42%”…

The research also unveiled The Hackett Group’s new “Digital World Class” analysis, an estimate of the additional benefits that world-class finance organisations can achieve through the combination of operating model changes, full technology landscape optimisation, and the successful adoption of digital technologies.

Through digital transformation, world-class finance organisations can improve efficiency by nearly 20%, making them 60% more efficient than typical finance, the research found. This ‘breakthrough’ can free up staff and budget resources enabling world-class finance organisations to further digital transformation initiatives, engage in more value-added activity, or fuel company growth.

“But in many cases these systems can be implemented without wholesale overhaul of the IT infrastructure, and companies can see real benefit fairly quickly, as they continue the longer-term journey to full digital transformation.”

Source: Businesswire

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