Love LinkedIn? I prefer connecting face to face…

I was an early adopter of LinkedIn and the group/community functionality, setting up my first group 10 years ago!

Arguably Generation CFO would not exist without the 70k members on my LinkedIn group, and I am grateful to everyone who has connected with me and joined the group, but truth be told I am a cautious user of LinkedIn.

Cautious user?

If you follow me, you may find this laughable, as I am one of the most open and prolific uses of LinkedIn in my niche; the digital transformation of accounting and finance, and I take a very different approach to the many accountants who still choose to stay away from social media.

But behind the scenes, I am very mindful about what I post, the comments I make and the people I support on LinkedIn.  And it is generally fun, but the last month has reminded of the limitation of LinkedIn and all social media, and why I prefer to meet people face to face, and “connect” in person!

Last month on LinkedIn, I have appeared on two peer review style lists;  one based on my LinkedIn network metrics (ie: likes, followers, growth, etc) and one more subjective matrix highlighting me in a 2×2 matrix as a “Torch Bearer”, aka someone with a high social media reach and a very clear message.

Praise indeed, but here’s the rub… 

Being on these lists led me to be criticised by people I don’t know, people in my extended network who reacted to the content accuracy, and people who challenged me on my connection with the author of the lists, questioning my integrity… over a list?

I find this odd behaviour at best, and a reminder of how poorly people can behaviour online, and something that just wouldn’t happen in “real life”, in an adult – adult world.

Enjoy the LinkedIn experience, but maybe see you at #CFOdebate for a proper debate! 



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