S1 E12 – Simon Cole, CFO, Apparier, Exit Audit, Innovate, Enjoy your career! #CFOchat

Joining me today is Simon Cole, CFO of Apparier to talk about his finance career journey and the trends around his move to start up!

“Do not isolate yourself, go out, talk to the people and understand how the business works!”

Listen as Simon and I talk about how CFOs drive the vision of the business, startups and the rise of millennial’s.

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Talking about data and automation, Simon points out that data is always going somewhere, and finance needs to be collecting it and turning it into information for the rest of the business to use.

As a finance professional, one should understand the marketing, sales team, and the different functions of the company. New talents, ideas, and technology are great, as long as the leadership knows how to exploit it.

“Do not isolate yourself, go out, talk to the people and understand how the business works!”



Episode Quotes

“The best thing I ever did was get involved in a company where I have had genuine interest in”

“Do not isolate yourself, you have to go out and talk to the people and understand how the business works”

“As a CFO, just make yourself invaluable. Getting another strength like technology is a good place to go”

“There is an incredible talent out there but I think there are a lot of people who are shortcutting”

“You have so much power and it is kind of down to you where you want to work your way into it”


Listen to Learn

00:01 Getting to know Simon Cole – finance career journey
04:02 What behaviours to take on to have that broader role as a finance professional?
05:55 The controller role, data analytics and automation
10:22 Describing the career path of a modern CFO
13:50 How do I as a CFO drive the vision of the business?
15:42 The future of the positional power of a CFO
19:00 Startups and the rise of millennials/digital natives in the business
24:38 User experience and its impact to the business
27:45 The essence of credibility for finance professionals
29:53 Where is the biggest opportunities and right path for finance professionals?





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