S1 E9 – What Robert said, Ideation and Collaborative Innovation Microlearning #CFOchat

Welcome to another episode of #CFOchat aka the Generation CFO podcast.

This time we explore the new world of collaborative innovation and ideation and what benefits it gives finance teams and organisations.

 Sponsored by Shaping the Future, ACCA Conference London


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Listen to Learn

02:05  Robert Matthew debrief

05:20  What is ideation?

06:19  Detail on “Shaping the future” ACCA conference

08:50  What has changed for us to need collaborative innovation?

11:09  What the new agile organisation structure?

13:56  How do we capture new ideas?

14:45  Who in finance will capture the ideas?

15:45  How do we protect our innovation lead?

17:45  How CFOs need to adapt to this need

22:10  Other online resource on this subject





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