Month: Sep 2018

Generation CFO podcast will demystify the tech opportunity for finance teams

Disruption is everywhere including finance and accounting, and the noble aim of this step change is to release people value and human intelligence by designing and building new technology.

But change is hard, knowledge is patchy, tech is confusing, and the real opportunities for finance are getting lost in the hype.

But why a podcast?

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BQs – Does your finance team demonstrate “Millennial values”?

Finance is a multigenerational team with much of the “power” at the top with the baby boomers, but in our new digital world, we need to embrace new ways of working and skills and capabilities that are more aligned to the newbies of the team.

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Redefining the CFO Role: SAP Finance Interview

SAP Finance interviewed CFOs and finance experts to learn how CFOs are embracing the shift to intelligent finance solutions including Generation CFO’s Chris Argent.

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