BQs – Is the term ‘business partnering’ too soft for next generation CFOs?

The term ‘business partnering’ has been used for decades and whether you are in HR or Finance, the chances are you have heard it used.

It’s a helpful term to explain a key stakeholder management position within the ‘support’ functions of the business, that brokers and translates business needs in to technical services delivery.

But is the term ‘partnering’ too loose, too weak, too lacking in ownership for the next generation of value creation finance professionals?

After all Finance needs to move up the value food chain as the traditional controller role becomes more and more automated.

Are you a finance business partner or a finance business owner?


One thought on “BQs – Is the term ‘business partnering’ too soft for next generation CFOs?”

  1. FBP are the voice of finance and the business and a critical role BUT the value they bring will be massively influenced by the their data skills and technology.

    A FBP needs to be much more than a good communicator and presenter, they need to drive and own business performance and own the data/insight that will manage it.

    Partner, yes…. passive? No.


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