The Future of Accountancy Panel

Concern about technology change in accountancy has turned to optimism and opportunity for most accountants out there.

This positive panel debate is from the AAT Annual Conference #AATConference and highlights a number of questions that are on accountants minds, particularly if you are new to technology change and in a small practice firm.

The Panel included Christopher Argent Generation CFO, Andi Lonnen Financial Training Academy, and Xero.


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BQs – What can humans do that robots can’t?

BQs – What do you think accounting students of the future will need to learn?

BQs – What has automation freed up your time to do?


One thought on “The Future of Accountancy Panel”

  1. Some of the key findings from The Future Accountant include:
    Accountants welcome change – accounting professionals are not worried by change, they are looking forward to it. 9 out of 10 respondents in our survey think advances in technology are good and will lead to a better industry.
    Automation could be complete in five years – respondents told us that by far the biggest change for the profession is going to be automation. 6 out of 10 respondents feel changes will come quickly, with basic accounting processes fully automated within five years.
    Technology is freeing people to do better things – technology is already improving life for 4 in 10 people by removing the burden of mundane tasks. A third of people report that time saved by new tech is allowing them to do more interesting things within their current roles.
    New systems don’t mean new stresses – you tell us new systems are not creating problems or increasing stress. Only 14% found technology had complicated their roles.
    New skills required – Understanding and using technology is going to be the biggest challenge for accounting professionals in the future (46%), followed by more strategic thinking (18%) and better communication (15%). New kinds of jobs are also predicted to emerge: 9 out of 10 expect growth in IT-based jobs, and 8 out of 10 reckon new roles will emerge focusing on software.

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