New opportunity that puts YOU centre stage… [Profile building Offer]

Be proud, be happy, take a bow, and get your message to Generation CFO!

Hi All,

Generation CFO continues to be the largest independent finance professional social media group online and it is truly independent as I run the group in my spare time as a hobby.

Every week I write and send a message to the Generation CFO group which now has over 67,000 members, and update my profile with over 5k followers, and I want to give YOU the opportunity to send your message to the group too.

This new offer is to any finance professional who has a message that is relevant, informative or interesting to the rest of the group. That’s your announcement sent to more seats then the London 2012 Olympic Stadium with everyone listening to you, just you! No pressure. 🙂

So, what would your message be?

>>>>> Submit here –

Past announcements have been on member’s professional achievements and successes, member’s ideas and thought leadership, member’s questions on exam, projects, learning providers, finance consultants, exclusive member invites to cool events, interesting courses, even a book launch and several meet ups!

If you have a message and want to send it you 67,000+ members, simply submit here,

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