Welcome to Generation CFO, the finance and accounting professional network.

At our core, we are a network of finance professionals on Linkedin, a Linkedin Group, a Networking group, a knowledge sharing platform, but Generation CFO or GEN CFO is much more than that…

A finance professional and CFO networking group focused on real-life innovation challenges in the office of CFO, finance and accounting, and look at why we need to innovate and change, where to start, who to work with, how to grow and mature and exploit opportunities in technology and change and try to have a bit of creative fun in doing so!

Areas of focus:

CFO as Innovator
CFO as Story Teller
CFO as Value Creator
CFO as Insight Provider
CFO as Digital Operator
CFO as Change Leader
CFO as Risk Manager

We are a truly independent, vendor-neutral, knowledge and ideas forum, with a simple mission to help finance and accounting adapt and grow and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

This is not a technical forum, but a “plain English” forum to network and discuss finance change, innovation and gain insights to stay on top of your career.

The group was originally an accountancy student group for CPA, ACCA, ICAEW, CIMA, AAT, and the name is a nod to the next generation of CFO, the technology savvy Generation Z who are starting to work in Finance teams and who will raise the bar in use of technology.

Facilitated by Christopher Argent, an independent CFO innovation consultant specialising in strategic business partnering, RPA, BI, Analytics and EPM. Chris is a straight-talking finance change professional and positive force for finance function improvement and transformation.