Month: November 2017

Finance Leadership 2020 : Historic Data is Out!

Written by the excellent editor Barbara Hodge, group member since Sept 2017.

This report focuses on four global leaders from Jaguar Land Rover, Vodafone, Olswang and Inmarsat on how their roles have changed. In today’s world the key target for finance leaders is ensuring that the corporate people management strategy is aligned with the growth strategy.

That requires access to relevant, truthful data, and reporting on it real time, if not in future time.

In today’s constantly changing world new business startups are creating major disturbances within industries that have remained the same for decades and in the midst of all these changes, CEOs are demanding forward-looking insights that help them redirect their focus on what matters most. Some of these concerns and challenges are discussed within this report.

Some of the key topics include:

>> How the role of financial leaders is shifting due to the growth of digital transformation and increase in data transparency and accessibility.

>> Jules Radford, VP, Financial Operations, Inmarsat and Sam Hewitt, Global Finance Services Director at Jaguar Land Rover opinions of forward-looking strategy for finance leaders

>> Christopher Argent, Group BI Strategy and Planning Manager at Vodafone Group Finance view on how today’s finance functions have tools such as business intelligence and analytics in initiating improvement to the finance function.

>> How to handle challenges, such as data, that organizations are now faced with.

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What are your thoughts on the need for Strategic Alignment being necessary for the success of a strategy?

By Andres Lui-Lindberg, group member since March 2017.

Most company strategies fail on poor execution, however, why is it that the execution often fails? It’s because of a lack of Strategic Alignment in the company from top management to individual contributors.

Here’s how you can tell if you and your company are aligned with the strategy and what you can do if you’re not aligned. Strategic Alignment is also a critical component of Business Acumen which everyone in support functions needs to further develop.

Do you have Business Acumen?

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