Being a strategic business partner is the future. But it won’t be easy….

Most of us are aware of the role revolution facing Finance today, with automation and commoditisation of expert services leaving us with much to ponder when planning the future.

One area that seems to be resigned to the ‘too hard’ list time and time again seems to be the exploitation of digital technology and in particular Data, BI and Analytics.

Is this simply because it is too hard, or is it that most of finance (old school CFOs included) are unaware of Data and BI strategy, see BI as an IT job and not a finance concern, or prehaps do not have the tenacity required to make these business partner ‘enablers’ a reality for their finance teams.

If we are being push towards a new uber communicator, business partnering role were value adding advisory is essential, we need to understand that this can only happen when conversations are informed by deep reporting and data analysis and not just communication skills.

Simply telling beautiful stories about basic KPIs will not be enough, we will need data and technology and a drive to make change happen.


Interesting comment on ‘the pain of transition being too much’ for finance, which led me to post this.

Change GEn cfo

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