Month: October 2017

GEN CFOs are always looking for improvement opportunities because they are broad scanner

By Anders Lui-Lindberg, group member since March 2017

To be successful in business you need to explore new opportunities and go into uncertain territory, If you’re deeply engulfed into one specific topic or options you might miss out on a lot of upsides.

That’s why you need business partners that can broad scan the business environment and bring multiple options to the table in any given situation.

Broad scanning is one important component of Business Acumen that we explore in our on-going series. Are you a broad scanner?

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Source: Generation CFO LI Group

GEN CFOs have purpose and vision, right?

By Anders Lui-Lindberg group member since March 2017

What will it take for you to follow a leader?

This is a question that millions of people ask themselves every day, We believe that to follow someone you must believe what they believe and such beliefs consist of purpose, vision and the foresight to create successful outcomes.

Any leader without purpose or vision is not someone you would want to follow. So, what does your leader believe and do you follow him or her?

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Do you agree with this new take on risk management?

By Anders Lui-Lindberg, group member since March 2017

Are you taking smart risks to claim the greatest rewards?

Finance Masters will help you do just that and suddenly risk management will feel like fun, Because why should you limit your upside potential, when FinTech and state of the art decision support can mitigate and eliminate risk, without leaving much potential on the table?

Here’s how Finance Masters deal with risk management. How do you deal with it?

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Source: Generation CFO LI Group