Long before the Robotic Process Automation giants, before the FinTech industry investment boom, as Blackberry phones were taking over the world (remember them!) and Analytics capability was growing in the imagination of the business world, I set up a LinkedIn group.
At that time, in September 2009, I had no idea what a journey I would go on, personally and professionally, and what innovation, transformation and capabilities would be brought to the accounting and finance community.
Life long learning…
When deciding to career change and move from CFO to transformation lead, I needed friends!  I had a lot to learn, and started the LinkedIn group to simply connect with like minded people, but it grew fast and I soon saw the need for much more understanding as a community, as a profession and so Generation CFO was born.
At first, joining John Lewis, Amazon and BAT to learn the ropes of finance change and transformation, then focusing on next generation change and technology of automation, analytics and UX apps at Vodafone and subsequent clients.
I have ridden a wave of good fortune.  Great projects, supportive employers, passionate expertise, and a ton of learning that I could not have bought on an MBA or Tableau course, in Change, People make the party!
Generation CFO stands for everyone who works in accounting and finance teams who are learning how to ideate, innovate and implement digital assets that can enable and empower CFOs and their teams.
People need support, technology is here…
Here’s to the next 10 years!